Facial Injury

Overview: Facial Trauma & Injury

Whether a consequence of accident or assault, injuries to the face and facial skeleton are still common in today. Usually patients are initially evaluated in the emergency room setting and our services are requested at that time. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the injury, surgical correction is performed while the patient remains in the hospital or as an outpatient after facial swelling has subsided. Our surgeons pride themselves as being considered leaders in the treatment of craniomaxillofacial injuries. MFAS surgeons have attended to hundreds of severe facial injuries over the years and average 3 to 4 surgeries a week.

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The knowledge, experience and surgical acumen of our surgeons is reinforced by our invitation to speak at local, regional and national meetings in addition to providing hands-on instructional courses in the treatment of these injuries. Many times, patients are referred to us from Michigan and the Great Lakes region for facial injury care.

Our surgeons have tremendous experience in dealing with soft tissue injury of the face including lacerations, abrasions, loss of tissue, damage to salivary glands, facial musculature and nerve injury. In addition, correction of post-traumatic deformity such as unsightly scars, sunken cheeks, malpositioned eyes and eyelids and missing external ear are commonly treated.

We realize with any traumatic event the immediate injury and emotional distress prevails. There may be, however, a period of post injury deformity, depression, anxiety or worry that plagues the patient. Our surgeons will provide the supportive care necessary to optimize healing, maintain normal function of the face and facial skeleton, re-establish proper aesthetics and guide the patient through post injury stress. We pride ourselves on being internationally recognized leaders in the treatment of craniomaxillofacial injury and will do all that we can to rehabilitate the patient to their pre-injury state.

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Dr Carron and his patient discuss her facial trauma injury and reconstructive surgery with WJR's Loyd Jackson.