Neck Lift

In some people extra tissue is gradually deposited below the chin until the so-called “double-chin” is formed. This hanging mound of excess tissue obliterates the ideal concavity of the chin-neck line and contributes to the appearance of aging. Other people suffer from the “turkey-gobbler” deformity due to vertical bands of lax platysma muscle and skin which run from the chin to the base of the neck. If you are interested to create a more youthful appearance with a neck lift, or call us at (248) 415-0210 to schedule an appointment with Dr Michael Carron.
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Neck Lift

Dr. Michael A Carron



Some double-chins may effectively be eliminated by a procedure known as submental lipectomy, where a 4 millimeter incision is made in a natural crease below the chin. Excess fat is gently removed, and the skin of the upper part of the neck is tightened. A small bandage is applied and removed three days later. There is negligible post-operative discomfort, and the scar is concealed when it matures. The procedure takes approximately one hour and can be performed under local anesthesia with a touch of sedation for comfort.

Note: Submental lipectomy is not sufficient for some people and a formal facelift operation is required as well. This is particularly true if there is excess skin at the jowls, along the jawline or neck. These two procedures are often performed together to give the face and neck a smooth and more youthful appearance.

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