Overview: Chin Augmentation

It often becomes necessary to recommend a chin augmentation in connection with cosmetic, nasal or facial surgery. In our astute approach we do not isolate features, rather we consider the face as a whole. Our goal is to develop a harmonious aesthetic for your entire face.


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The surgery may be done under local or general anesthesia on patients in adolescence and beyond. The operation is performed through a small incision concealed in a natural skin crease under the chin. This procedure does not require hospitalization. The acute healing is usually complete in one week.

A medical grade silicone implant is the material used to increase chin projection. It has been used is tens of thousands of cases and has the highest record of safety and satisfaction. The implants come in multiple shapes and sizes and the surgeon may also custom tailor the implant for the patients unique needs. It becomes very difficult to detect the presence of the material in the chin after a short time has elapsed because it has practically the same consistency as the surrounding tissue. This is a powerful means to restore a weak chin profile and improve facial harmony alone or in conjunction with other procedures.