Fat Transfer & Grafting

Overview: Fat Transfer & Grafting

Some contour deformities of the face lend themselves to improvement via a facial plastic procedure called fat transfer and fat harvest. Essentially, adipose tissue is harvested from the patient and transplanted into the affected area to improve undue dimpling and contour irregularity or to soften transition zones between facial zones. In Addition, permanent facial deformity after traumatic injury may be improved with this technique.


Areas commonly addresses are the temples, cheeks, and orbits specifically the tear-trough. The goal of the procedure is to restore lost facial volume with patients’ own tissue. Using adipose tissue for grafting material is safe, natural and permanent.


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The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia with a tough of light sedation. Adipose tissue is harvested from the abdomen, thighs or upper arms. The adipose tissue is processed for a few minutes and transferred into individual syringes. Through special disposable injection needles, the processed adipose tissue is precisely injected into the pre-determined areas for augmentation. Incisions on the face are not necessary. We use special needles that do not leave a scar of any trace that it was ever used.

Immediately after injection, the area will look completely corrected but the volume may temporarily diminish over the next few months as some of the adipose cells ultimately reabsorb. Remaining living adipose cells take hold and repopulate the area of the defect. The total healing time for this to occur is approximately 9 months. On occasion, a second injection may be required after a year for a final touch-up.

Overall, fat harvest and transfer is a powerful, natural and safe technique to improve contour or re-establish lost facial volume. If you’re interested in creating a more youthful appearance contact us today in Dearborn or Rochester.