Endoscopic Mid-Facelift

Endoscopic: Mid-Facelift

Dr Michael Carron is one of few, or any, in Detroit who specialize in the latest ground-breaking procedure known as an Endoscopic Midface Lift. Until now cosmetic surgeons have relied on the facelift procedure, however a midface lift does more than rejuvenate the lower face and neck.

Midface is known as the portion of the face that lies above the mouth and below the eyes. Once we reach our mid-thirties gravity takes ahold of our older skin and it begins to sag creating a hollow, older look. However, Dr Carron has the solution to looking older, please reach out to us today for a consultation.

You can expect the following concerns to be address with a midface lift.

▪ Deepening crease lines that extend from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth (naso-labial folds)
▪ Desire for more permanent solution than that offered by the “thread-lift”
▪ Sagging cheeks and early jowling.

Know the procedure

A mid-facelift is performed endoscopically using a small camera and incisions that are entirely hidden behind the hairline. The mid-facial cheek tissues are restored to their natural position using absorbable sutures. As these sutures dissolve, the cheek tissues naturally adhere to the underlying bone and remain in a higher, more youthful position.

Immediately after surgery, we begin a healthy recovery process by creating bandages to fit your face and combat swelling with surgical drains. During your first post operative visit, Dr Carron will remove everything, and you’ll be ready for light activities. Generally, patients do not experience much pain but may have discomfort while chewing. The recovery process lasts for two weeks in which you will have regular appointments with Dr Carron to ensure your progress is on track.

Get started with a consultation

Midface lift can be combined with an endoscopic forehead lift or a facelift, and Dr. Carron can discuss these options with you during your initial consultation. Contact us now to get started.