Endoscopic Cosmetic Surgery

Endoscopic: Cosmetic Surgery

Because cosmetic facial surgery is based in aesthetics, endoscopic surgery is especially sought after. By reducing the size of an incision, scarring is considerably minimized as a result. Thus endoscopic techniques are ideal for cosmetic surgery, however, are limited to certain aesthetic procedures.

At Michigan Facial Aesthetic Surgeons, Dr Carron specializes in the only endoscopic surgical procedure for the face – the brow and midface lift. Due to the progressive nature of endoscopic surgery, Dr Carron continuously stays up-to-date with new instruments developed to optimize the procedure. Though he is only one of Detroit’s few surgeons to take facelifts to the next level, for Dr Carron it’s simply another real-life example of a driven, double-board certified surgeon and a relentless focus on patient care.

MFAS is serious about you and serious about surgery. If you’ve thought about rejuvenating your appearance, contact Dr Carron for a consultation so the two of you can discuss your options.