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13 August

Good News for People who Suffer from Migraine Headaches.

06 August

Medical Reasons Your Blepharoplasty Can Be Covered by Insurance

01 August

How to get rid of your frown lines.

30 July

Eight Reasons Why People Have Blepharoplasty

05 July

A Nose by Another Name Would Smell As Sweet – Other Words for Nose

03 May

External Rhinoplasty For Septal Perforations

20 March

Michigan Facial Aesthetic Surgeons offer Dysport as treatment for neck spasms (cervical dystonia)

03 February

New Technology in Facial Plastic Surgery is Not Always the Best

31 December

What Is Sleep Apnea?

31 December

Do you have a Deviated Septum and looking for a Septoplasty?