Our Testimonials

May 7th, 2012. Sleep and exercise after nose surgery.

As the process of my nose surgery has diminished to follow up visits I thought I would take the time to thank Dr Carron for putting me in to the “nose breather’s” club. I have been a mouth breather for over four decades, since my nose injury playing sports as a teenager. The mild case of sleep apnea and constant snoring had become a part of my disrupted sleep pattern and an irritation to my family. Since my surgery in December, my snoring has decreased tremendously (and my wife thanks you for this as well) and I have had only a couple of episodes of apnea. Playing hockey is easier since I can breathe through my nose. My face shield doesn’t fog over nearly as much. Because I am Canadian and most of my friends don’t have medical insurance in Michigan, I can not recommend you to them for nose corrections. I have several friends who suffer from nasal problems similar to mine and I want you to know that I would whole-heartedly give them your name and clinic if there was a chance that they could see you. Again, thanks for all you have done to improve my quality of life.

  • Bill C

March 5th, 2012. Overall life improvement!

Dr. Carron, I wanted to jot down a few of the changes I have noticed since my nasal surgery on January 11th. On that day, you re aligned my septum so it is centered, a nasal valve was repaired and several turbinates were reduced. Since then, I have seen the following changes:

  • 1) More awake in the morning. Before the surgery, there were times where it was physically difficult to get out of bed. Now, I may be tired when I awake, but I can hop out of bed and start the day without going through the first 10 – 15 minutes of the morning with my eyes half closed.
  • 2) Snoring has almost completely stopped. Once in a while when I am dead tired, eat late or have a few drinks, my wife will still notice but even then, the loudness and duration is much, much less. I am doing a follow up sleep clinic in April to see if I still need the CPAP machine.
  • 3) I can function during the day on less sleep.
  • 4) I am more alert in the morning. I have had a morning cup of coffee at work maybe twice since the surgery. Before that, I was usually drinking 4 – 6 cups in the morning.
  • 5) I was taking adderall for a couple of months due to lack of concentration. I haven’t taken any adderall since the surgery and I feel like I am functioning well. I am less forgetful and more cheery. You can ask my wife for verification.
  • 6) I was taking Claritin D for nasal congestion. I’m guessing I also liked the stimulant effect. I haven’t taken any since the surgery.
  • 7) I used to take a nap after work a couple days a week or would just sit in front of the television when I got home from work. It is now 11:15 PM, I worked a full day, helped Peg clean house in anticipation of our cruise tomorrow and still feel alert, although a little tired.
  • 8) I used to find my eyes occassionally getting droopy when I drive. That has pretty much stopped.
  • 9) I FEEL better. Peggy says that I am more pleasant, less moody, less forgetful and less snippy. I can smell the coffee at work and can actually feel the breath entering my lungs.

The feeling before was similar to being hung over, without the headache and stomach discomfort. Sort of a mental fog. I feel that I am more focused and thinking more clearly.

Thank you so much for recommending this surgery. I have been to many sleep clinics and an eyes, ears, nose and throat doctor and you are the first person who mentioned nasal obstruction as the cause of my problems. Maybe it has gotten worse in the last several years but you were still the first person to identify the issue.

I also felt very much at ease in your office. It was more like talking to a golf buddy about a problem that a rigid doctor/patient relationship. If you ever need a recommendation, let me know.

Thanks for everything, John Z

Three years ago, after the death of my husband…

…I hit another monumental road block. I was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, a tumor on the left side of my face affecting vision, speech and balance. After the surgery and a considerable recovery period I was referred to Dr Michael Carron. He exhibited the kind of care and concern of a professional with not only remarkable credentials but a long history of success stories that he shared with me. I felt like I was in good hands, and in so many words my paradigm of surgeons shifted.

Now when I wake up and take the first look at myself in the mirror, remembering the travesty of my tumor, I smile. I smile because I can actually smile, something in which I wasn’t supposed to think about considering that I am happy to merely be alive. But now I’m living again.

All of this is a result of a wonderful team of doctors who are not only best in their field, but gave me a great deal of positive advice and ultimately helped me believe that I can be happy again. I have to say that without their belief in me I don’t think I could have transitioned with such great expectations for myself.

I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and…

…due to extreme amounts of radiation therapy, and cancer related surgeries I was disfigured past my expectations. After all of this, I was referred to Dr. Michael A. Carron.

Confident he could revitalize my appearance Dr Carron took on my difficult case. He reassured me that not only could he restore my appearance, in turn he could reinstate my confidence, and make myself feel better emotionally and mentally. Which is what I needed because I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and was being medically treated for both of these disorders during my bout with cancer.

Thankfully, Dr Carron changed all of that. Not only did he feel confident that he could perform successful reconstructive surgery, he made me feel like one of his own family members. I was comfortable and felt like I was in good hands in that he never second guessed a result that would bring me back to a normal state of mind.

My family and I both applaud Dr Carron for not only being a great surgeon but for being a part of the care I desperately needed.

I was treated kindly by the Doctors…

…and they did a good job. I feel great! My teeth and jaw are back to normal. I recommend the Michigan Facial Aesthetic Doctors to anyone who needs treatment for facial injuries.

I am a 42 year-old female who was diagnosed with malignant melanoma…

…which was located on my left ear. I underwent surgery in July ’09 for removal of the cancer and reconstruction of my ear. Dr Zuliani did such a wonderful reconstruction my friends can’t believe there was any kind of surgery performed.

Then I needed to undergo more surgery to remove the lymph nodes from the left side of my neck. I had a long incision from my ear to my collarbone and mouth to jaw line to chin. This was very frightening for me. Dr Giancarlo Zuliani reassured me one more time that I need not worry because he has the ability to minimize scarring. Thankfully he was right and I do not have any embarrassing marks to worry about, and the removal of the sutures was less than an hour.

I am so thankful that he took his care which ended up with me looking great. He is a very nice and compassionate doctor. I highly recommend him to anybody who is seeking qualified care.

Miracle Worker!

Although accidents are never fun, everyone survived, and the best part of the accident was the fact I was Dr Giancarlo Zuliani’s patient. Everyone comments on how good I look and what a great job he did by “putting me back together”. Personally, I’ll never go to any other Drs, just Zuliani.

During this time of the year I often reflect…

…on all the wonderful blessings that God has bestowed upon me, and I could not help but think of you, Dr Zuliani. Thank you for being a part of a wonderful organization that allowed me to have a procedure that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Your patience, kindness, generosity and expertise has allowed me to close a chapter in my life, and for that I am eternally grateful.

In the summer of 2009 I had a small growth…

…under my lip about the size of a pea. In three weeks it has grown to the size of a silver dollar. I had a radical facial reconstruction with the removal of the malignant tumor. I was shaken at first with all the stitches and the difference in my face. However the procedure has healed very nicely and everybody says it looks great, thanks to the great job of Dr Zuliani.

I was introduced to Dr. Zuliani through an unfortunate cancer diagnosis…

I had cancer on the left side of my nose and face. After it was removed I was in desperate need of reconstructive surgery. I made an appointment in West Bloomfield. I was welcomed with a polite handshake, and a brief discussion of his experience tending with situations like mine. I had three out patient surgeries, and Dr Zuliani even took care of some cosmetic needs at the same time. He’s an outstanding surgeon, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family. All of my friends were amazed at the great recovery I had. Thanks!

The Pre-Op materials were excellent….

The procedure proceeded as planned. The follow-up was great – minimal bruising and swelling. The outcome from the facial was exactly as I wanted – natural looking and 10 years younger.