Scalp Loss & Defects

Overview: Scalp Loss and Defects

The scalp is a unique anatomic structure in many ways. Not only does the scalp protect the skull and underlying cranial vault from the outside world it also contributes significantly to your appearance and character. Through trauma or oncologic removal of a tumor, loss of the scalp and hair can be a source of tremendous psychological and physical distress for the patient. It is our goal to minimize your stress and reconstruct your life as you knew it..

Fortunately, the scalp has a tremendous blood supply that contributes to its ability to heal well and allows for robust reconstruction of most defects. Because the layers of the scalp are not very elastic however, the tissues do not stretch like in other areas of the face and neck. As a consequence, even smaller sized defects that would normally close easily on the face may be more difficult in the scalp.


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MFAS surgeons circumvent this situation by designing various flaps borrowed from other unaffected areas of the scalp or employ tissue expanders to gradually expand the scalp so it may then be rotated or stretched into place. Being dually trained in head and neck surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery our MFAS surgeons are experts at even the most difficult reconstructions of the scalp.